So after spending many hours obsessing over Louis Vuitton's theme of travel and how they've brought this to life further through new media channels, it dawned me on me why i'm so drawn to their campaign. And it's for purely subjective reasons. Mainly because, i LOVE travelling. Even though it will be some years before i even flirt with the idea of buying something from their collection, i adore their campaign. I totally agree that "a single journey can change the course of your life." 

Any way, here are the pics from when i first went travelling, back in 2007 (at 18) to that place in South-East-Asia called THAILAND 

                                                                           I'm the brown one. 
                                                                My bed for the night at a Buddhist temple
                                                               A trip to the Bridge over the River Kwai 
                                                             Promise that i wasn't mean to the kiddies.....

Louis Vuitton Part #2.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012


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