So, i felt impulsive and wanted to share my favourite ads of last year. There are a lot more that i loved and there are a lot i hated. But nevertheless, here are some of my favourites:

Heinekan’s anti-drinking ad. Their lean mean hero showed us why it’s cool to not be trashy and instead, get the girl and capture #mysunrise
Old Spice - The man your man wants to smell like; it’s not just smell like, it’s who we want to be like. I love the way W+K used real time and social media to connect with consumers.
GetUp!, dropped this really cool Marriage Equality ad. Its executed perfectly, the plot is on point, the music is groovy and it’s definitely a force for change.
Dear Sophie - This needs no introduction. Talk about pulling at the heart strings and connecting emotionally with your audience. It tells a beautiful story.
Finally, not so much an AD but more of an ACT. Something Simon Bond of BBDO Worldwide spoke about at AdAsia last year, where brands are becoming more soulful. 


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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

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