September 2012

Advertising in general gets a bad rap. Which, considering the amount of crappy advertising out there, is understandable. There does come a time though, every so often, when an advert is created and it just gets you. Here is an advert for Budweiser, the all American beer brand. It shows perfectly what awesome copy and imagination can produce.

Grab A Bud.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012


The last few weeks of my life has been dominated by food - good food. Here are some treats 
Carrot Cake - I'm not sure who made this, or how they made it. But when I find out. I will let you know. This cake is what they serve up in heaven. 
You know your mum is in a good mood when.....
Apparently if you whisk two raw eggs really well, throw them in a jug and add all of the other ingredients listed above, you get Jamaican Punch. Which is very nice may I add. 
Me and my University friends tried to re-live our uni life and so, one Saturday went to eat at Common
This just tasted good. 

Food Food Food

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


It’s been a great summer for the Sangha’s, mainly because of Serena Williams. 

The powerful and intimidating Queen B, this summer won Wimbledon, Stanford, took Gold at the Olympics and 2 days ago, won at the US Open. 

We have been avid fans of the Williams sisters since 2000 when Venus lifted the trophy at Wimbldon. Of course, this year it’s been all about Serena Williams. 

Williams is not only beating the top players, she’s thrashing them. In her gold medal match against Maria Sharapova, she won 6-0 6-1; thrashed Azarenka 6-1 6-2 in the semi finals; and served 24 aces in one match at Wimbledon. 

With the sisters now both in their early 30’s, it will only be a matter of time before they hang up their racquets. The result, I feel, will be awful for the WTA tour. Both sisters have a reach beyond tennis fans and have drawn people to game from all walks of life – such as my grandma. 

Through her game though, Williams speaks a bigger message. We all know the tragedies she has faced, such as loosing her sister Yetunde Price. Not to mention the amount of injuries she has had. After winning Wimbledon in 2010 Williams had to take 10 months off tour because of recurring injuries. Through her game she speaks loudly of what a true champion is: relentless, passionate, confident and able to deal with setbacks. 

Although she may not have long left on the tour, her legacy will forever be remembered.

A Serene Summer

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


So with summer coming to an end I wanted to share some pictures of my summer memories. Sigh....

My friend was in Paris and sent me this. Apparently he thought it would be fun letting me know he was about to go have a cocktail on a make-shift beach. 
On the Paris note - this was a picture I took in Paris last summer of my two friends. 
This weekend just gone I went to visit my friend in Cardiff and we decided to go for a bike ride, we were hoping to find Cardiff's Bill Cunningham. But we didn't. 
To really bring an appropriate end to the summer me and friends decided to get together and go for it. We made a ginger syrup, wizzed it up with a healthy dash of vodka, a squeeze of lime, fresh berries, and topped it with soda water and mint. Result: TO.DIE.FOR

Good Bye Summer

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012