November 2011

We are in an era of sexual liberation; when naughty is normal and when filthy is classy. 

So why is it that when Nigella Lawson (my favourite tv cook EVER), sits at the edge of her seat in her nightgown, talking about how her Slut Spagetti, is perfect to cook in between entertaining certain gentlemen, it leaves me with utter embarrassment when my nan is sitting in the same room? 

Although i have everyone of her books and have cooked a huge amount of her food, i’ve not quite built up the courage to cook this dish yet. 

I really don’t have anything else to say about this. One thing i will say about Nigella though is she is utilising new media well, she tweets daily, has a great iPhone app for quick meals and engages with her audience effectively. But for god sake Nigella less of the "slutty" food.  

Naughty Nigella.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

At a recent work function our boss told us two things: make good use of the open bar and mingle with clients.

I met some really great people, one client stuck out though. The conversation turned quickly from new media to the current economy. He said that he doesn’t look at the economy and ask if it’s good or bad right or wrong. He interprets the market and plans at how he needs to adapt to it. He was critical of people who didn’t plan for the recession as it was “blaringly obvious.” He touched upon what Indra Nooyi said, which was that businesses need to plan for today and tomorrow at the same time. That’s clearly what he does.

He left me the feeling that real entrepreneurs are fearless. Even Cindy Gallop said that when you make decisions out of fear these will be bad decisions. Of course, i'm left asking myself how i can be fearless in the midst of the new market place. When i come up with an answer i will indeed share. 

Of course i asked the generic:” what advice with you give to someone trying to break into the ad-world.” To which he bluntly replied, “start your own company.” He took no prisoners.


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Monday, 7 November 2011