We were all geared up to watch the Australian Open, the first major tennis tournament of the year, I was ready for the late nights (it’s a 12 hour time difference), ready to watch my two favourite players, Serena and Nadal win their titles - Murray is a close third. My dream wasn't about to come true.

It quickly went pare shaped. Serena was dominant the first 3 rounds but in the 4th, the serene Serena we are so used to didn’t show up. Her game was fuelled with errors, we were full of tears.
Murray and Djokovic had a five-set thriller, but Murray eventually lost. We weeped some more. Then it was the Djokovic-Nadal final that we were all waiting for, even more so then the Nadal-Federer semi-final.
Even though Nadal had lost the last 6 matches against Djokovic i thought he would pull through in this one, right up until match point. It was an intense encounter, when it got too tough we switched between MTV and the BBC. Even with 50 Cent on in the background the tension was too much.
In the end though, Djokovic won, and i suppose rightly so. He’s a pretty awesome player and it’s great that we are seeing three magical players (Nadal, Djokovic, Federer) playing some of the most entertaining tennis ever right now. I only wish the women’s game was as fun – sadly if Serena or Venus aren’t playing then i’m not watching.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


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