Serena Williams has landed in Melbourne and as she dazzles her lean 6 pack whilst she preps in the hope of getting her 6th Aussie Open, we all sit anxiously hoping she doesn’t get injured – again.

Serena was my only favourite celebrity growing up. I remember watching Venus win Wimbledon in 2000 and then Serena in 2002 (just as epic as seeing Nadal edge Federer in 2008). They owned the tennis world, they beat everyone, they knew they were the best.  The Williams sisters are everything in the Sangha house.

Their story, from Compton courts to Wimbledon dreams showed strength, determination, focus and self belief. It’s hard to think that someone this regimented could be, with the greatest respects ‘normal.’

But this is where Twitter comes in, that little micro blogging site which has a few hundred-million users. Where Serena posts frequently and shows how 'normal' she is, talking of her dogs, snapping pictures of Sacha’s (her German hitting partner) abs or about her insomnia. It’s the reach twitter gives between celebrities and their fans -  an unmediated relationship – which in part makes it is so successful. She hasn’t replied to me yet though.

I hope you’ll be cheering her on, smacking your thighs in delight and cheering loudly just as we Sanghas’ will, that is, if she plays.

Image from: The Australian

Serena’s 6

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


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