So i've been pretty interested in how luxury brands are utilising social media. Although they have been criticised for coming onto it late, Louis Vuitton are going to some lengths using it to emphasise their theme of travel.  

Their ethos, which is about travel been more about self discovery rather than just about a trip, has been played out beautifully through social media. 

Amble, a travel map, allows users to follow celebrities favourite haunts. They go a step further and make it personal, users can log where they have been post pictures and share their thoughts. 

Moreover, they've really used their website to get across the meaning of a journey; they signify how Angelina Jolie's trip to Cambodia proved to a pivotal part of her life. 

Although it's not recent, their ad, which really addresses why travelling is a journey rather than a trip is executed beautifully. As one commenter wrote, "every single frame is a pure overdose of visual cocaine," you can see it here:

Louis Vuitton

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


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