January 2012

We were all geared up to watch the Australian Open, the first major tennis tournament of the year, I was ready for the late nights (it’s a 12 hour time difference), ready to watch my two favourite players, Serena and Nadal win their titles - Murray is a close third. My dream wasn't about to come true.

It quickly went pare shaped. Serena was dominant the first 3 rounds but in the 4th, the serene Serena we are so used to didn’t show up. Her game was fuelled with errors, we were full of tears.
Murray and Djokovic had a five-set thriller, but Murray eventually lost. We weeped some more. Then it was the Djokovic-Nadal final that we were all waiting for, even more so then the Nadal-Federer semi-final.
Even though Nadal had lost the last 6 matches against Djokovic i thought he would pull through in this one, right up until match point. It was an intense encounter, when it got too tough we switched between MTV and the BBC. Even with 50 Cent on in the background the tension was too much.
In the end though, Djokovic won, and i suppose rightly so. He’s a pretty awesome player and it’s great that we are seeing three magical players (Nadal, Djokovic, Federer) playing some of the most entertaining tennis ever right now. I only wish the women’s game was as fun – sadly if Serena or Venus aren’t playing then i’m not watching.

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Sad Sanghas'

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So after spending many hours obsessing over Louis Vuitton's theme of travel and how they've brought this to life further through new media channels, it dawned me on me why i'm so drawn to their campaign. And it's for purely subjective reasons. Mainly because, i LOVE travelling. Even though it will be some years before i even flirt with the idea of buying something from their collection, i adore their campaign. I totally agree that "a single journey can change the course of your life." 

Any way, here are the pics from when i first went travelling, back in 2007 (at 18) to that place in South-East-Asia called THAILAND 

                                                                           I'm the brown one. 
                                                                My bed for the night at a Buddhist temple
                                                               A trip to the Bridge over the River Kwai 
                                                             Promise that i wasn't mean to the kiddies.....

Louis Vuitton Part #2.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012


So i've been pretty interested in how luxury brands are utilising social media. Although they have been criticised for coming onto it late, Louis Vuitton are going to some lengths using it to emphasise their theme of travel.  

Their ethos, which is about travel been more about self discovery rather than just about a trip, has been played out beautifully through social media. 

Amble, a travel map, allows users to follow celebrities favourite haunts. They go a step further and make it personal, users can log where they have been post pictures and share their thoughts. 

Moreover, they've really used their website to get across the meaning of a journey; they signify how Angelina Jolie's trip to Cambodia proved to a pivotal part of her life. 

Although it's not recent, their ad, which really addresses why travelling is a journey rather than a trip is executed beautifully. As one commenter wrote, "every single frame is a pure overdose of visual cocaine," you can see it here:

Louis Vuitton

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Serena Williams has landed in Melbourne and as she dazzles her lean 6 pack whilst she preps in the hope of getting her 6th Aussie Open, we all sit anxiously hoping she doesn’t get injured – again.

Serena was my only favourite celebrity growing up. I remember watching Venus win Wimbledon in 2000 and then Serena in 2002 (just as epic as seeing Nadal edge Federer in 2008). They owned the tennis world, they beat everyone, they knew they were the best.  The Williams sisters are everything in the Sangha house.

Their story, from Compton courts to Wimbledon dreams showed strength, determination, focus and self belief. It’s hard to think that someone this regimented could be, with the greatest respects ‘normal.’

But this is where Twitter comes in, that little micro blogging site which has a few hundred-million users. Where Serena posts frequently and shows how 'normal' she is, talking of her dogs, snapping pictures of Sacha’s (her German hitting partner) abs or about her insomnia. It’s the reach twitter gives between celebrities and their fans -  an unmediated relationship – which in part makes it is so successful. She hasn’t replied to me yet though.

I hope you’ll be cheering her on, smacking your thighs in delight and cheering loudly just as we Sanghas’ will, that is, if she plays.

Image from: The Australian

Serena’s 6

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


So, i felt impulsive and wanted to share my favourite ads of last year. There are a lot more that i loved and there are a lot i hated. But nevertheless, here are some of my favourites:

Heinekan’s anti-drinking ad. Their lean mean hero showed us why it’s cool to not be trashy and instead, get the girl and capture #mysunrise
Old Spice - The man your man wants to smell like; it’s not just smell like, it’s who we want to be like. I love the way W+K used real time and social media to connect with consumers.
GetUp!, dropped this really cool Marriage Equality ad. Its executed perfectly, the plot is on point, the music is groovy and it’s definitely a force for change.
Dear Sophie - This needs no introduction. Talk about pulling at the heart strings and connecting emotionally with your audience. It tells a beautiful story.
Finally, not so much an AD but more of an ACT. Something Simon Bond of BBDO Worldwide spoke about at AdAsia last year, where brands are becoming more soulful. 


Impulsive Actions

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012