The first thing I do when I'm planning to go abroad is to decide which museums I have to see. Whether it's the MoMA in NYC , The Jewish Museum in Berlin, or the Louvre in Paris. This year however, I've decided to make an effort to see more of the Museums in England.

The BMAG is a free museum in Birmingham and was showcasing the "Love and Death: Victorian Paintings from Tate" exhibition. It's an exciting display of iconic paintings from the Tate. The most famous piece was the Lady of Shalott (1888), one of the Tate's most famous and popular works. The exhibition also featured other classical paintings by other great 18th century artists such as Frederic Leighton and Lawrence Alma-Tedema.

The exhibition is small - two rooms, but it's free and both rooms have enough seats that allow you to sit down and ponder over the art. If you're like me, that is you like to know the context behind the picture as well as the history, a guided talk is a must. Unfortunately, I missed the talk on that day but still, it was well worth the visit and I'm glad that I went. 

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Monday, 14 January 2013

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