I had been meaning to write about some of my favourite adverts of 2012, well, back in 2012. But I've only managed to get around to doing it now; here they are any way. It's fair to say that most of the commercials I selected are charged with emotion, and I am sure you'll recognise them all. It's unsurprising that adverts from both Anomaly and W+K popped up, they're two of my favourite agencies. But here are selection any way. 

This Olympic ad had everyone talking, it was a great piece from P&G. Oh - and thanks Mum! 

This great piece by DDB New York took a look at the #First WorldProblems hashtag that was trending on Twitter. It showed people from Haiti say the problems we tweet about and it definitely made us all stop and think, which is what advertising is meant to do. 

Of course a Nike advert had to be mentioned, how it could it not be? Nike took over the Olympics, but that's a different post. Here W+K and Nike did a great ad about, greatness. 

This Paralympic commercial was phenomenal and so were the athletes who took part. 2012 was such a great sporting year for Britain. 

Just my favourite advert of 2012. 

Best ad's of 2012

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Thursday, 10 January 2013


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