So I had always wanted to go away for New Years. Like always. Whenever I stay in Britain and go out, it's forever a disappointment. You know: paying a ridiculous amount to get into a club, waiting a ridiculous amount of time to actually get into a club, and then paying a ridiculous amount for drinks. I'm also too old for that now, my patience is very minimal. 

And so, this year me and some friends decided to go away. Barcelona seemed like the ideal place and so we quickly booked it. 

Barcelona is a great place to go and visit. Here are some quick facts: 
1) The Aerobus from the airport to the city centre is excellent; it's frequent, cheap and quick. 
2) For an apartment, we of course, used Airbnb. 
3) As a rough guide, breakfast is about 5 euro, lunch is about 10-15euro and dinner is about 20-25euro, of course this depends hugely on where you eat. 
4) You must try Tapas, but search for some good ones before you go. 
5) Make sure you head over to Hotel Miramar for the best views of Barcelona 
6) Beware, pick pockets are rampant in Barcelona 
7) I went with RyanAir, who despite popular belief, are actually okay. Just read their small print, pay for your baggage before you arrive at the airport.  


Morning time in Barcelona 
On New Years Eve we were luckily enough to be invited to a Spaniard's home - which was gorgeous - for dinner. These three Italians took the kitchen though to make main course and it was delicious.

If you go to Barcelona, you must of course go for Tapas. 

Next stop......Budapest 


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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


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