I have really - like really, REALLY - gotten into Vietnamese food lately.

When I was New York last November during one horribly windy day when me and my friends were hungover, by chance we fell into Saigon Shack - if you're ever New York, you should definitely go here. Each of us ordered a bowl of Pho and it was exactly what we wanted; the hot spicy broth was full of different meats and vegetables. Since coming back to the UK I've been determined to make it, and despite what I had thought, it's quite easy to make. It takes about two hours in total, but well worth the effort. 

This is a great video I found on YouTube explaining how to make this Vietnamese thing of beauty....
The List
For the broth
16 cups of water
3 inch piece of giner
1 small peeled onion
2.5 tablespoons of salt
3 tablespoons of sugar
3.5 pounds of chicken

The Spices
1 tablespoon of corainder seeds
5 star anise
1 whole cinnamon stick
7 cloves
1/3 tea spoon of cumin seeds
1 tea spoon of black pepper corns

Pho noodles or any of your choice

To serve 

Thai basil
Bean sprouts
Fresh coriander
Lime wedges
Sliced red union
Spring onions
2 tablespoons of fish sauce
Chilli sauce

Chopping boards out

Toasting the spices
The result

Pho Ga

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Monday, 21 January 2013


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