Youtube is a staggering digital space for brands. The average user spends between 15-25 minutes a day on youtube, for more facts see here. There are a few things youtube still needs to get right though. Firstly, these 30 second advertising clips they show, the same ones over and OVER AND OVER again. Give me some variety rather than bombarding me with  the same message. Users hate this. Secondly, i know it’s optional but that oblong box showing google ads you have at the bottom of the actual youtube video looks dreadful. If it could be designed better and have better copy we would be more inclined to click on it, or even read it.

This doesn’t mean i don’t love youtube though, i do. When i mean love, i mean it literally. My favouite thing at the moment is youtubin' interviews of Indra Nooyi, i’ll leave you with one.

Youtube. Not Quite Perfect

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Monday, 6 February 2012

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