I think half the world tuned into the Super Bowl because they cared about Madonna’s Nicki’s and MIA’s performance, okay well maybe just Madonna’s; and the others cared about the game. (BTW WELL DONE GIANTS). 

For a few of us, we watched because of the adverts. It was an important time in a marketers life. We collectively asked, “who soared?” “who preformed?” “who failed?” “who do we love?” I've never claimed to be cool - anyway here are my favourite SuperBowl ads of 2012. 

Samsung - it hurts me to take any attention away from the iPhone and Apple but i have to. A well executed ad for Samsung.  

I know everyone is always in love with Anomaly’s work (i certainly am), and their Budwiser ads illustrated why.
My latest obsession is with Indra Nooyi’s marketing strategy for Pepsi, and this advert was great at showcasing their product. 
And finally, Clint’s Chrysler’s piece was pretty cool. He just defines cool. 

Super Bowl 2012.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

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