When launching the latest smart phone it will inevitably be compared to Apple's iPhone. When Samsung launched the Galaxy they tried getting users interested by mocking Apple and its customers in the advert below. It was a tongue in cheek attempt and although made you laugh a little, amassed tens-of-thousands of viewers in a few days, i'm not sure how well it will make a dent in the smart phone market.
Nokia got a little more creative. To launch the Nokia Lumia they teamed up with Deadmau5 and gave an epic light show on the River Thames in November. To do something like this requires heavy man power and a pretty penny, but highlights the relationship tech brands are having with big names djs; it's a subject @zenidala covered here. Any way here is Deadmau5's performance.

Nokia joins forces with Deadmau5

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

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