I’m incredibly excited about the future of TV; I look forward to it becoming interactive and i suspect Youtube will be a TV service provider that will aggregate all tv shows. But on the interactive front, imagine watching a travel show, and you see the most idyllic spot in the French country side and you want to go there, but finding out where it is exactly isn’t really possible or easy. The TV of the future, i assume, will allow you to click on the screen and see where the area is located and how to get there. It will tell you when it's best to visit, which will be the cheapest airline to go with and what dates work with your schedule. Or you could click on an actor and see their personal profile, what shows they're staring in, or what plays they are preforming in and then you can book tickets to watch them. Mark Holden of PHD says that users you will be able to click on actors tie and ‘like' it which will then show on their Facebook page; and if you choose to, you will be able to buy it. The future of TV is exciting and i look forward to watching how it will evolve.  

Here’s more of Mark talking about the future of the TV. 

The Future of TV

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Saturday, 11 February 2012


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