Stuff I wish I’d known…

Firstly, Pamukkale is a must a visit. The views from the top of the Cotton Castle are incredible. It’s a very small town, you need no longer than a day there.   

The walk to the top is very easy and makes for a dramatic photo session, so have your camera at the ready. When you begin walking the trail, you have to go barefoot – but it’s fine, the water isn’t cold, even in October.

It costs just 20 Lira to see the “Cotton Castle.” And you can practically walk to it from any hotel in town. Once you’re done climbing to the top, you can do some hiking in the surrounding area. 

It’s well worth spending about 2 hours walking around, seeing the old ruins, and enjoying the fantastic landscape. 

The only place to buy drinks and snacks from is at the outlet at the hot springs, mentioned below. But you can also take your own so remember to pack some water.

I would suggest not going to the hot springs which you find when you climb the top of the castle. It’s an additional 32 Lira, which although isn’t not too much, I couldn’t really see the advantage of going. It has just one pool that isn’t very big, free lockers to keep your stuff safe, a largish restaurant, and an ice-cream stand serving some good gelato.

Don’t go to Pamukkale expecting great food. It’s a town built for tourists, so you have lots of people outside restaurants trying to lure you in. But that’s fine. You’ll be more than happy with the food in cities like Istanbul or Cappadocia.

Because the town attracts a lot of tourists, you’ll find endless bus companies to book your outgoing journey with so there's no need to stress about having your outbound journey pre-booked. 


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Monday, 14 October 2013


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