FPE is, as many of us are coming to learn, a fantastic tool for marketers. 

Having completed Jon Loomer’s course on FB power editor I have become even more evangelical about Facebook and what it can do for brands. 

Although FPE can get complicated, it’s worth learning. Here, I wanted to share some simple tips to get you started. 

Tip 1. Whenever you first load up FPE, always click “Download” so you don’t lose any data. 

Tip 2. Make use of labels. If you’re handling more than one account, the labels feature will help you keep your campaigns organised. 

Tip 3. You have to create your Campaign before you create the Adverts, as the adverts will go in that campaign. 

Tip 4. In the “Connections” section, the cost per click and cost per thousand impressions will generally be  cheaper if you advertise to people who have liked your page. 

Tip 5. Don’t assume Facebook will optimise for the action you want to take. Are you looking to increase engagement on your page or get users to click the link? 

To change it to the spec you want, click “Manullay set up conversion specs.” 

Facebook Power Editor (FPE)

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


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