In Jon Loomers (FREE) weekly webinar, he spoke about Post Level Export data.

This data gives you your fan only stats, which most Facebook marketers aren’t aware of.

And so, our assignment was to dig into this data and see what we could uncover.

Like many people, I hadn’t really looked into post level stats. Excited by the new Facebook Insights that had been rolled out, I thought the information you get from the “score card,” shown below, was pretty good.

This score card shows us good metrics: how many people we’ve reached compared to the number of likes and comments and shares etc.

So what use is these post-data export information?

Here are my findings…

For the post that relates to the score card above, the people reached is 12, 744. But that number isn’t for my fans only. 

To find the impressions this post had on just my fans, I have to go to this section 

The total number of fans this post reached is 1, 360. That is a big difference. However, this post was advertised so this explains why the difference is so big. 


Next, I'm interested on the impressions this post has on fans. Here's where we find this stat...

There wasn't any indication of the impressions on the scorecard at all, so this is useful to know. 


The scorecard shows that there has been 273 clicks on this post and 25 link clicks - which is the clicks on the link that was posted. 

But look what the post-level stats show...

Firstly, it just shows how many of our fans have engaged, and secondly, it shows unique users. The number of clicks here is 72. 

Post Consumers

Another stat that Jon mentioned to look at was Lifetime Post Consumers. 

This number is coming up at 238. 

It's not obvious how these stats differ to "engagement." So, I'm going to have a look around and come back to you on this. If any of you have some clear explanations, I'd love to know. 

One thing I can see is that there's no mention that these stats are for people who "liked your page," so I am assuming that they relate to fans and non-fans. 

Post Consumptions 

When I try and google these terms, I'm always taken to Jon's website, it seems that no one else is exploring the post level stats. 

Jon describes, post consumptions as: The total number of clicks on any of your content. Clicks generating stories are included in "Other Clicks." Stories generated without clicks (e.g., liking the page in Timeline) are not included. 

In the description we can see that this stat is not for unique users, which explains why the clicks here are 357 compared to the 238 in post consumers. 

I'm curious to know why this stat is different to the figure on the scorecard which says, "273 post clicks." Is it that the the stats on the post-level export includes clicks people have made on say, fan's comments, whereas the post clicks stat on the score card doesn't? 

Post Stories 

There are some statistics that simply repeat what you can see on the scorecard. 

One is, "Lifetime post stories." A story is calculated as the number of likes, comments on, or shares on your page post. 

The number on both the scorecard and on this export sheet is 161. 

Whilst the scorecard provides an initial insight to how posts are performing, it doesn't provide the fan-only stats that are important to Facebook marketers. The post-level exports are important for this information and I will continue digging around and sharing what I find. 

Sorry if this post has raised more questions than it's answered!

I'd love to know what you've found. 

Facebook Page Level Post Exports

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Friday, 18 October 2013


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