So when a Japanese girl got a flight from Korea to London and she sat by an Italian man, they decided to exchange emails. And then, they decided to exchange numbers, and then.....3 years later, they decided to get married. And so....when I was given the chance to go to their wedding in Milan - because my parents were in Kerala - I jumped at it. Here are a few pics from the lovely Italian city. 

Oh and a few things about Milan: 
1. I would stay for about 3/4 days, that's sufficient 
2. The transport from the airport to the centre is cheap and quick
3. The food is, of course, lovely! The cafes are wonderful. 
4. Everyone looks perfect so be prepared. 
5. Go to The Forma 
6. Make sure you climb to the top of The Duomo 
7. For accommodation I highly recommend staying here 
Just to the left of The Duomo 
Head to the Forma for some riveting art. 
The Happy Couple
Quite literally the best sea food pasta I have ever tasted. 
Inside The Duomo
The view from the top of The Duomo


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Friday, 10 August 2012


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