So as I’m nearing my mid-20s (24 in January), I wanted to start getting to know more about my finances and see what there is out there. It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when you start out, but thankfully, there is a finance god in the form Martin Lewis who is here to help.

This is his website ( It's a life saver and is now where I go to find out everything I need to know about finances.

Recently, I wanted to know what credit card to use when I am abroad. It’s always annoying when you’ve spent all of your cash and you just need to pay for a meal at the airport, you have to either withdraw cash or pay a hefty exchange fee and handling fee if you use your debit card. A card is also useful if you want to make purchases in department stores when you are away, too.

Here is a link to what Lewis says are the best cards to use abroad -

I opted for the Halifax Clarity card. This card has no foreign exchange fee anywhere in the world, so you can get the best rate possible. 

But whatever you do, remember his golden rule, "Pay your credit card bill off in full each month." 

Happy spending. 

Money, Money.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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