What's the difference? 

Last month I did a post about Facebook's Post Level exports. On the post I mentioned that I wasn't entirely certain about the different between post-consumption and post-consumer. 

However, with some digging around the internet, and thanks to this post on simply-measured as well as this post on Social Media Examiner by Jon Loomer, I found the answer. 

The answer.

Post-consumptions calculates how many a user clicks on a story. So if I "liked" the post, "liked" a comment on that post, and commented on that post, that would add 3 "points" under the "post-consumption" column for that particular post. 

But, if I did all those things, in the "post-consumers column" it would just be 1 click. As this column accounts for unique clicks. 

So there you go, please tell me I'm not wrong. 

    Post Consumption VS. Post Consumer.

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    Wednesday, 13 November 2013


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