The greatest thing about London, apart from the endless things happening in the city, from art exhibits to innovative yoga classes and quirky markets, is for me, the food.

I’ve even got a Pinterest board dedicated to the places I want to eat at in London. This is for two reasons: because I’m greedy, and for the people who visit London and say “Your food is awful.” 

A friend recommended going to Dishoom, a Bombay style cafĂ©. They have two locations, one in Covent Garden (where we went) and they also have a place set up in Shoreditch. The interior has a modern vibe to it – big airy spaces, an open kitchen and lots of noise, but as you begin to look more, you see how they have sneaked in the Indian aesthetics.Think neon lights and plastic cups. It’s all done very tastefully which makes it ever more charming.

We arrived on Saturday at about 6pm and as expected, it was extremely busy. However, after a half-an-hour wait – whilst enjoying India’s 1977 answer to a coke, “Thumbs Up”, which is now owned by Coca-Cola – we were seated at our table by a cool American waitress.

I was very hungry so didn’t take pictures of my starter – lamb samosas, or my mains – the Chicken Ruby. Both were delicious by the way.

Desserts is where it got really interesting, my chocolate chai (yes, really!) and the Dishoom Basmati Pudding were both rich, indulgent, and creamy. I finished both of them and was tempted to go for a second dessert but thankfully I managed to restrain myself.

Dishoom is definitely worth a visit, here is the link to the website.


And here are some cool images I found on instagram from other people who have been to Dishoom/




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Monday, 4 March 2013


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