After the revelation I discussed in my last post: my need to discover more music beyond Jay Z and RiRi, I wanted to check out the other bands out there. Unfortunately, as I’ve discovered, I’m the worst when it comes to trying to evolve my musical choices. I do however, have an army of friends who know good music and so, I went to them for help. 

The latest addition to my music playlists is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who were introduced to me by my good friend Reiss. This duo, Maklemore the rapper, Ryan Lewis the producer, are creating fantastic music. I hadn't heard of them before and thought they were maybe quite underground, but with some of their videos having 10 million views on YouTube, that’s obviously not the case – rather, it just shows how out of the loop I am. It’s a shame that I missed seeing them in London but I will definitely be looking out for when they return. If you haven’t listened to the band yet, their song “Thrift Shop”  is the one to listen to. It’s been put together really well, the lyrics, scenes and performance are all great. 

Keep the Good Music Coming

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Friday, 2 November 2012

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