So with summer coming to an end I wanted to share some pictures of my summer memories. Sigh....

My friend was in Paris and sent me this. Apparently he thought it would be fun letting me know he was about to go have a cocktail on a make-shift beach. 
On the Paris note - this was a picture I took in Paris last summer of my two friends. 
This weekend just gone I went to visit my friend in Cardiff and we decided to go for a bike ride, we were hoping to find Cardiff's Bill Cunningham. But we didn't. 
To really bring an appropriate end to the summer me and friends decided to get together and go for it. We made a ginger syrup, wizzed it up with a healthy dash of vodka, a squeeze of lime, fresh berries, and topped it with soda water and mint. Result: TO.DIE.FOR

Good Bye Summer

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

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