If you are going to have an app for your brand, at least produce something that is useful. Pizza Express have done such a thing. Their iPhone app allows customers to pay instantly and securely for their meals through paypal, as well as find and book tables, read menus and receive/use special offer codes. 

Re-search found that on average it took between 10-12 minutes to pay for a bill and now of course this has been greatly reduced. It’s great when brands address how they can improve the consumer experience and in this case, save people time. I like how they have tackled a common problem: waiting times, and met it with an innovative app. 

How it was marketed

The message was carried our via digital marketing. Pizza Express used email to tell its 3.9 million strong database of customers, as well as those of its partners on the PayPal database. The Cloud was also used to communicate news of the app, so was print advertising. The more than half a million visitors to their website were also targeted, whilst a further 600, 000 have seen in restaurant PoS. They further used Online banner ads to ensure the message was loud and clear. 

The results 

The target was to achieve 200, 000 app downloads in the first four months, and 10, 000 bookings made through it in the first month. In actual face, 100, 000 downloads were made within a week and the booking target was beaten by 50%.

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Monday, 4 June 2012


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