When Bing went to Draoga5 to help drive trial of their Search and Maps, and increase their relevance with a younger audience, they used the launch of Jay-Z’s autobiography, Decoded, to help connect their client to a younger demographic.

They started putting every page of Jay-Z’s autobiography out into the world, it was printed on the bottom of swimming pools, it appeared on huge billboards, was printed on dinner plates in restaurants, even Gucci made custom jackets which had a page printed on the inside.

Where it got creative though, was when Bing tied it all together by creating an integrated online game that directed fans to each of the pages on the streets. They released the locations to the pages every day through radio, twitter and facebook. Every day people got together to solve the latest clues guiding them to street locations, documenting the pages they found.

Fans assembled the book digitally on bing.com/jayz before the hardcovers hit the store. Everygthing was woven together through bing, and allowed fans to experience the story.

The results, in only one month Bing saw a 11.7% increase in visits. For a full look at the campaign see below.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012


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