So i had heard too many good things about Berlin for way too long. And a few months ago, whilst visiting a friend in Winsford and talking over paella, we decided to see what Berlin was all about. And so, the Easy Jet flight was booked, the Airbnb room found (IF YOU DON'T USE AIRBNB. WHYYYY NOT?), and we were ready to go. Normally i re-search a city voraciously before going, but this time there was no need to. I put a message out on twitter that i was going and was then inundated with responses. A facebook status achieved the same results. 

Berlin is a lovely city. It's quite strange how it's all been knocked down, built back together, has mis-match architecture, filled with graffiti, but just "works." We got to do many things in the 5 days we were there, from take bike tours around the city, to spending hours in the National Gallery, cry at the Jewish museum (Daniel Libeskind you absolute genius), and literally eat and drink our way through Berlin's amazing array of restaurants - all at affordable prices. 

Below are some picture from our stay in Berlin.

Incredible Berlin.

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Friday, 9 March 2012


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