I read somewhere, months ago (i’m bad at referencing, please forgive), that now we are expecting more from our brands. We want brands to be more engaging yes, but we also want our brands to demonstrate empathy and act more consciously. 

This is something that Coco-Cola have certainly taken on. Recently, they looked at the 11 million Filipino workers who work abroad; often been away from their families for years at a time, working tremendously hard and sending whatever money they can back home. Often lonely they have an urge to go back home but just can't afford to. And so, Coke addressed the issue.

In this tear jerking, highly emotive video, Coke reunites some Filipino workers with their families back home. It’s definitely a must watch - you will be choked up.

When a brand addresses how they can help people, it does so much for their brand image. It demonstrates genuine care, it helps create emotional connections with their brand. It further shows coke as not just a brand selling fizzy drinks but one that has empathy and contributes towards civility. It’s this that touches people and makes them feel more engaged with the brand.

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

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