A global theme at the moment is: transparency. It’s trickled down right from the top through to brands and what consumers want from brands.

The world is starting to demand more openness from policy makers, their brands and their agencies. I believe the riots we are witnessing all over the world at the moment are in part because we are angry with our leaders because of corruption and bad leadership. We want transparency from our leaders. This is happening in countries from Libya to the USA, to cities like London and beyond.

It is a theme that has been spoken widely about at this year’s AdAsia’s conference. Indra Nooyi PepsiCo CEO, speaking at the event spoke of these volatile times and said that all companies need to be open to their workers and consumers. John Winsor, CEO of Victor and Spoils, spoke of the future of advertising and the relationship between the client and agency; at the heart of the relationship is trust and trust has eroded. Client’s want to know what they are been charged for and why they are been charged for it. Again and again the theme comes back to transparency.

I believe the reason why transparency is at the forefront is because we want people to be accountable. We have witnessed many businesses that led bad practice go on for longer than they should have. We want our leaders to be accountable and for this to happen we need them and their practices to be transparent.

I am eager to see how these theme develops. 


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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

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